All lab news

10 July: Structural Biology bike tour!
1 July: New international hire: Rahul has arrived!
1 June: Barbara, joint PhD student with Martin Eilers, starts with us . Welcome!
14 February 2017: Awesome visitor from Caltech: Prof. Andre Hoelz.
27 January 2017:  Bodo’s paper on HUWE1 was accepted in ELife. Hurray!
23 January 2017:  Prof. Volker Doetsch (Goethe University, Frankfurt) is visiting. Don’t miss his talk!
12/13 October 2016: Eureka! 11th International Graduate School Symposium in Würzburg
1 October 2016: Welcome, Julia – let the technical revolution begin!
13 September 2016: Delighted to host Prof. Elspeth Garman (University of Oxford).
18 August 2016: Prof. Jeremy Thorner (UC Berkeley) is visiting us.
13 September 2016: Delighted to host Prof. Elspeth Garman (University of Oxford)!
18 August 2016: Prof. Jeremy Thorner (UC Berkeley) is visiting us!
21 June 2016: Structural Biology summer excursion: Archery in Steigerwald
9 June 2016: Social Hour organized jointly with Cynthia Sharma’s lab. Join in!
2 June 2016: Dr. Manfred Weiss is visiting from the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin!
11 May 2016: Excited to host Prof. Andrea Musacchio (MPI Dortmund)!
22 March 2016: Prof. Martin Scheffner from the University of Konstanz is visiting us!
 15 February 2016: Happy day: A new grant and project was approved by the Wilhelm-Sander-Stiftung!
1 February 2016: Shiny new equipment: Rapid kinetics instruments are being installed!
14 November 2015: Prof. Nils Kröger is visiting from TU Dresden!
27/28 October 2015: Our lab is attending the RVZ Retreat at Kloster Banz. Anna wins a prize for her research talk. Congratulations!
14/15 October 2015: Eureka! 10th International Graduate School symposium – Lena is named section winner for her poster presentation!
15 September 2015: Prof. Jun Yin is visiting from Georgia State University, USA.
17 August 2015: Prof. Stefan Arold is visiting from the KAUST.
10 August 2015: Lorenz lab warming party! Everybody is invited!
14 July 2015: Kayaking + BBQ: Happy fun time at the annual Strubi summer excursion
15 April 2015: New signing for our team: Welcome, Christian!
1 April 2015:   1-year lab anniversary! Time flies!
27 January 2015:   Lena gives a research talk at the RVZ symposium.
16 January 2015:   Welcome, Anna! Three graduate students are a charm!
2 January 2015:   Hooray! Dr. Bodo brings postdoc power to our team!
1 November 2014:   Lena is awarded a prestigious Kekulé fellowship by the ‘Fonds der chemischen Industrie’. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
14/15 October 2014:   Lena and Marie-Annick are attending the 9th International GSLS Symposium at the Rudolf Virchow Center. Marie-Annick’s poster is selected as a section winner! Congratulations!
15 September 2014:   Marie-Annick is presenting her first poster at our institute’s retreat at Kloster Banz.
29 July 2104:   Day hike in Steigerwald! We are joining the groups of Profs. Kisker and Schindelin for the annual structural biology field trip.
9-10 July 2014:   Lena and Marie-Annick are attending the microscale thermophoresis workshop in Würzburg.
1 June 2014:   Marie-Annick is starting in our lab. Bienvenue!
28 May 2014:   Prof. Markus Seeliger is visiting from Stony Brook University, NY, USA.
1 May 2014:   Herzlich Willkommen, Conny!
1 April 2014:   Lena’s first day (no kidding, despite the date). Welcome!