Lab festivities

We always find occasions to celebrate, preferentially with deluxe food and beverages.

Thanksgiving extravaganza 2017 with guest star, baby Carl (and Profs. Seeliger), and special dance performance by Rahul!IMG_3355

Congratulations times 2: To Julia (right side), our first ‘Bachelorette’ and to birthday-girl Barbara (left side)!DSCN5022

Beer garden (indoors unfortunately). Welcome, Barbara & Rahul! DSCN5020

Paper accepted! Congratulations, Bodo!                                                                              IMG_2215

Welcome, 2017! New Year’s brunch with waffles.                                                                 brunch

Social Hour organized jointly with Cynthia Sharma’s lab. Cheers!                                          Social_Hour_9

Thanksgiving extravaganza 2016 – international cuisine at its finest                                  IMG_1087

Finally! Lorenz lab warming party  – smiling faces despite an unexpected thunderstorm    DSCN4883DSCN4870

Thanksgiving dinner with current and future lab members, friends, and accomplices            thanksgiving1

Lab BBQ night at Conny’stest

Weltmeister! Cheers to the German soccer team!test16

Inaugural lab brunch with special guests. Many thanks to the many people who made our start in Würzburg so smooth!test21 test22

Smiling with confidence, but these giant pizzas knocked us out!test37

Marie-Annick brings a taste of Alsace!test40

Raising the glasses with Conny test36